Today starts my new year…Why wait till January?
Large flakes of fluffy snow are creating a clean white blanket covering the horses and walkways. It feels like a clean slate, a new beginning. A fresh and tidy way to start the day while I down my second cup of sugar infused chai tea topped with artificial whip cream…yum!
Nucents and Pal are playing over the fence with their teeth barred and their large heads whipping from side to side…gently never landing a tooth! Nucents is now 4 years old and although forever the baby in the pack, that horse can irritate the group of them till someone takes a chunk out of his backside!
I want to be out with them.
I’m procrastinating about shovelling snow….sooo not a pink job! Besides what’s the use while it is still snowing? By the time Jason gets home from work I’m sure the snow will have stopped:)
Now the drumroll….to push “publish” on my first blog and see if it actually works….ekkk…