Today I’m giggling at Reuben who had to go to the vet yesterday for a moist dermatitis on his tail. He hates the cone, he refuses to put his head down.. even to take a nap! He also hates carrots, so to add insult to injury I gave him carrots that he promptly spit out and then got stuck in his cone because he won’t lower his head! Ha! Carrots are not just for insults but it’s a traditional routine in the morning, Henry loves them and they are the only treat some visiting dogs are allowed due to allergies and diet restrictions.
My visit to the vet has me heartsick. I sooooo miss those girls. They have a new vet and new equipment, everything is going digital and they are all learning new things. Those girls are so close to my heart and I’ve been too busy to stop and say “hi”. I’m feeling lonely without Miss Vickie’s stories from the farm, Gail’s newest deal of the week, CK’s “get to the bottom of it!” attitude, and Lisa’s special homemade treats. I’m not sure they know how much I love and admire them. Their moral standards for the care and attention that all animals deserve is inspiring and greatly missed. Miss you guys.