I’m looking forward to a new year, putting this one behind me. I took a major leap of faith starting this business. A kindred soul said to me today….”If you don’t leap, your stuck”.
I work very hard, up at 4:30-5:00am with Jason and head to bed by 8pm if I’m lucky. 7 days a week. Clients at my door starting at 6am. Tonight Jason and I were excited to be completely anti social and watch a movie! Instead Mom and I took Jason and Dan for birthday dinner on New Years Eve. Not even gone for 2 hours and I came home to an irritated, snippy client, upset I wasn’t home.
During the next 2 hours while I cleaned, fed, tucked everyone into bed, turned on the night light and filled up the fire…. all I could think was “Why am I working this hard if I can’t even go for dinner on New Years Eve?”
Jason made me a perfect cup of hot ovaltine when we were done and my final thought this year before I cover myself and Henry in a warm blanket is…..
“Leap! Don’t get stuck!”
I may be stuck physically but spiritually I’m free. Free to make my own decisions, dictate my own feelings, change my thoughts, plan for a break, spend time with the important people who love me…. Leap! Soar! Choose!