I thrive on silence, I can regenerate and focus. My beloved Migon inspired me in so many ways, she taught me a bit about what she had learned in Mexico during her meditation retreat. I was able to grasp it and practise it instantly….Migon was a great teacher? Yes but….it felt too easy. I eventually realized I had always been meditating. When I was younger and trying to get away from life I would sit at the lake and focus on the tiny waves methodically jumping over rocks small enough to be considered sand, without thoughts, without english words bouncing around in my head and destroying the peace I felt in that focus.
This thing I’ve decided to do is chaos! Complete and utter chaos! Dogs barking, chewing and needing….humans worrying, instructing and distraught….cats frightened and confused. All these emotions are overwhelming to me and then in my quiet time I get to do paperwork…..ugggg! 20150102_154206
I have 4 geriatric dogs in the kennel right now, 11 years and older. They have earned their space and their quiet. Lulu is amazing. I could meditate by watching her eyes, so kind and peaceful. I sit with her and the chaos melts away while she chatters her teeth in happiness to have me near. Does life get better?