I’ve been working at my own business now for 2 years, at first it was very part-time and now it is time to jump head long in and do nothing else. I laugh at commercials on the radio that say “Make more money! Start your own business! We will help you!” I’ve been surprised at how the banks consider me to not be working when I have never worked so hard in my life….I don’t even qualify for a payday loan…I don’t get paid:) The government sure sees me as “working”, I’m in debt more to them than over double my credit card limit! I loved being a part of the Regional District start-up business contest…I worked night and day on their endless requirements, sacrificing everything, only to watch a cupcake business walk away with the prize and sell her business the next month.
I’m struggling still to balance “work” and….well everything else. I have horses that I can’t ride, kids I can’t spend time with, animals that get no attention, a house that never gets cleaned and a hubby that feels neglected. Although we stuff 4 (part-time) kids into our 2 bedroom trailer to make this business work…I love this business.
I’m proud that I have created 3 kennels. Kennels built and maintained by hand, not hired out. I may have a baby bed in my living room, but she loves it! By the time the banks decide I’m worth it, I won’t need them! My amazing partner in this world has taken all of his holidays (not easy when the mill depends so much on him) so that I can get a break and look after me.
The best reward…Trouble did not want to go home. He needed coaxing to get up and follow his Dad outside, and through the gate. While his Dad made his bed in the truck he stood at the gate asking to come back in. It broke my heart:). I’m proud that I can be that person for them. I’m proud to be that person.