mexico 2015

Finally made it to paradise. I thought saving my change for 2 years was a challenge…..getting the business and pets and clients ready for my absence was a bigger challenge! Jason took his holidays to allow me mine. Seems like a huge sacrifice…and it is. Nobody told us that this business did not allow for coffee breaks, lunch breaks, weekends or evenings, let alone holidays. Last year Jason took Peytanne to Vancouver for his holiday leaving me at home to run the business. I know it’s not healthy to take separate vacations and we are both working hard to remedy that but until then…here I am. Jason is at home struggling to remember all my directions…I stayed up late hours and woke up early the weeks before I left to get him ready…poor guy…created a whole manual with detailed notes and maps for everything he needed to know. He is handling the business with public grace and an occasional private tantrum over messenger.
My only challenge on this trip is to sit. I am on day four and have greedily devoured two books in the sun. This morning I was forced to stop procrastinating and get back into some computer demons I have been neglecting. Fascinating thing is that an issue that has been haunting me required no thought at all this morning. Amazing what a long weekend off can do!
I’m very close to publishing my web site. A feat that I was sure I was incapable of doing. I know that as close to pushing ‘publish’ as I think I am, there will be more frustrating hoops to jump through. I am prepared! A quiet unseen figure burying my feet in the warm sand and closing my eyes as I tilt my face toward the intense Mexican sun. Breathing in…quieting my thoughts…breathing out…aware of the waves…breathing in…shhhh…breathing out…listening in the moment. No clutter, no demands, just clear thinking and a happy heart. I can tackle anything life throws at me today!