Soaking up the sun. Perfect day. Jason is at home working hard for the business. I think he’s worried I’m not coming home so he sends me pictures of my babes:) I love this horse. Nucents; name well earned! He’s such an amazing boy and I am bonded to him tighter than any other horse in the pack. He reminds me of Joey the way he picks and picks at the other horses until they pay attention to him. He’s fun and free and a total nuisance! He’s like Mikey too in his soft nature and loving nuzzles. As a untrained 3 year old horse he was happy to host the kids on his back with calm curiosity. He’s extremely forgiving to my uneducated requests and is happy to learn with me. He’s respectful and humble to his “bottom of the barrel” position in the pack and indulges my incessant need for cuddles by being the perfect height to lean his very heavy chin on my shoulder.
We are the perfect team….Love this horse! These pictures will bring me home. I’ve waited a life time for Nucents and now that he’s chosen me I will never let him go! Be good my little Nuisance!