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One question plagues my quiet mind as I relax on my holiday….what is the point of my blog? I started this when I started the website cause….well…that’s what your supposed to do…isn’t it? I called it Bakers Acres knowing that it would be more about the kennel than about me. Suites me fine! But…most of the adorable moments at the kennel have to go on facebook or you tube so why would I repeat it all here? All important information will be featured on my website, not here…so back at square one. What is this blog for?
In the constant ebb and flow of the Mexican waves I think about my animals back home. I miss them. I know that Jason is the only person on earth who will watch over them the same way I do. That doesn’t stop my incessant “Send me pictures!”, “What’s my Henry doing?”, “Do they miss me?”. I imagine taking my babes to a strange place with strange people and hoping that they will do as I would. Hoping they will see the beauty and uniqueness that is my Rueben or Baloo. I can only trust in myself that I have chosen the best for them.
That’s it! That’s what this blog is about…it’s about the kennel so the name is justified but it is about me (groan). I’ve demonstrated that the kennel is who I am with my sacrifices, dedication, passion and hard work. This blog is important so that you can leave your pet with someone you know. Someone you can trust. This blog will give you a sense of who I am, what I believe in, my short falls and my strengths.
A person I do not admire told me once that to take a stand on any one subject when you are in business is suicide. I’ve seen that demonstrated in big centers where people stop taking their dogs to a kennel because the owners eat meat. I do not believe that to hide who I am fosters trust. I have been born and raised in Burns Lake and although I have many different ideas about how animals are to be treated I do my best to respect that it is those ideas that make me a motivated individual. I believe I live in an open minded, forgiving, generous community that will overlook my strong passionate stands and see it as a strength instead of a weakness.