My last day in paradise….sigh….so cliché! I start every day with a good morning from Jason who prophetically told me this morning “…with many more to come!”.
I started to figure out who I was at the tail end of my marriage over 6 years ago. After years of being a stay at home Mom I was forced to find a job. My previous career as a draftsman had long since changed to a point of being unrecognisable and if I was going to start all over again, all I wanted to do was work with animals. Lois took me in and taught me everything I needed to know!
The compassion of like minded people at the vet clinic was inspiring and I quickly took home every lost and injured animal that needed me. Although rewarding fostering is a heartbreaking job. I would spend hours nursing and caring for litters of kittens whose stray mother had been killed, find them homes only to watch them die young. I learned early that education was key! The stumbling block seemed to be that people do not want to be educated.
Understandably so…life is hard, if we are well educated against negative things we have no excuse when we are in a situation that we cannot handle.
3 years ago I made some tough decisions, I knew who I was and I knew I had to let go. I could no longer be the single mother struggling with a part time job (that I loved!), cleaning houses, sitting behind a government desk or putting on a hard hat to walk through a mill to count numbers! This was it! Start my business!
I am now at a point in my life where I can love the animals in my life with careless abandon….kinda like Gramma…love them and send them home! I am sitting on the beach today missing my Duke, Kooper, Wilson, Danzy, Dax, Maggie….I’m excited to see my Henry, Roo and goofy Baloo. I miss my chickens!
I feel calm and focused, relaxed and ready to face the world.