I’ve been struggling to find time this spring to get my paperwork done. Paperwork is not my friend. As I say that I am emotionally buried in it. Papers for taxes led to papers from the government. Papers from my ex-husband led to papers from lawyers and judges. Papers from contractors led to papers to the banks and then led to a new savings account. I find it demonically fascinating that every one of these professional businesses has the power to determine my yearly income according to their personal needs. All this paperwork of course ends with a very large cheque to very wealthy people. My Grandpa had the right idea. Don’t deal with paperwork!
This blog is not about paperwork. It’s about helping me focus on what’s important. I’m distraught over the lack of time I have for the important things; Jason, the kids, the horses, the animals who need me. If I loose sight of what’s important to me then I question why I am working so hard.

Duke. Happy Duke. Barks all the time! He is so intrinsically happy he wags his tail as I tie him to the fence and spray the mud from his belly with the hose. He shakes it off and gets me all wet as he smiles at me and….yep….wags his tail.
Max. The class clown. Always in trouble! He picks on anyone close to him then hides between my knees saying “come and get me!”. My favorite thing about Max is his tongue….that big pink tongue that hangs almost to his knees covered in funny black spots. One little black spot on the end of his tongue is the best!
Venti. Doh headed, sweet baby boy. I love his tail! He has this long skinny black tail with a perfectly white tip that has a slight curve to the left. He loves to nibble. You can hear his teeth clacking as he tries to restrain himself from biting the thing that he is nibbling.
Kooper. My love! He is so set in his routine. He must do the same thing at the same time on the same day. I pick him up and he sits on my lap until we are close to home. He stands and looks out the side window and starts whining, impatiently paddling his feet on my leg until I open the truck door and he flies out like a squirrel. I have to hold his collar until the door is open enough so he doesn’t hit his head. Every time.
Nash who greets the world growling. He’s so happy to see me he runs past me and straight to the truck. Only once he is in can he can say good morning with a happy growl, full body circle and a smile.
Wilson waits at the kitchen window until he can see me coming up the hill. As I pull up to his house he is on the back of the sofa looking out the window at me, his whole body vibrating with excitement. His Mom moved the sofa for just this purpose. I dread dropping him off at the end of the day as he sits in that same spot with a quiet spirit and watches me leave.
Danzy who loves to drive. He sits and watches out the front window directing traffic as I drive. My little escape artist who sits at the top of his stairs with his head on his front toes and his butt in the air wiggling his long cockapoo tail. By the end of the day he cuddles right in as close as he can get and sleeps without a care in the world.
Dax. I’ve watched him grow into a handsome black lab! The little trouble maker has become a well behaved adult. Most times! He still looks at me with those puppy eyes and taunts me to try and catch him. I always win!

Why as humans do we get bogged down in paperwork, money and bullying? How simple life could be if we could just work as a team and be fair and forgiving and kind. The piece of paper is not more important than the horse. The horse with his huge personality, arrogant ways, happiness and pain is no comparison to a piece of paper printed with a dollar amount or with his name registered along with a human one.
As humans we can learn so much from dogs, be direct when setting our boundaries without being nasty or nagging, live in the moment and enjoy silly things, be unconditionally devoted, be unselfish and strong when doing what needs to be done, be gracious, kind, understanding and submissive when the situation calls for it….and do this without words, do it with instinct and honesty.