Pal’s loss is still devastating, coupled with the loss of my first horse Moose, I’ve been struggling to get back to my blog. But here I am! So many changes at the farm and as another spring slowly approaches the changes are fast and furious.

Cesar Millan, Budda and Einstein talk about living in the moment. (Yep I just included Cesar with the greats!) I have always believed the concept but never fully lived it. Every moment for me was work, clean this, move this, feed him, brush her, fix this, learn that. I never have time to do the things I love. I would struggle through the day saying if I work really hard I will reward myself with story/craft time with the kids or a horseback ride in the woods. By the end of the day my list was longer than when I started and fun time was a warm blanket and my favorite pillow and dreams to escape the chores.

I know that living in the future is anxiety and living in the past is depression. Living in the moment is peace! How can I possibly live in the moment when all I ever seem to do is clean up poop!? Though meditation and guidance I am working on enjoying every chore, ignoring chores to give my kids what they need and ignoring demanding people to give myself what I need. After a busy day like yesterday when I’m still grooming at 6pm this concept is a challenge. All I want to do is sleep…instead I had a Pepsi and enjoyed an amazing dinner created entirely by my talented children and sat at the family table to teach Jason how to do a Tim Tam Slam!