Oh….this crazy life. I love being in my forties, all of a sudden life is so clear and I can be fascinated about things without trying to fix them. While working closely with dogs I’ve learned to believe and tune into my deeply hidden instincts. The dogs I work with always keep me closely in check. I don’t wonder about why they are/are not doing something…I instead look within myself, adjust my thoughts which circles almost invisibly to rotate my feelings and finally, miraculously changes my physical body. As soon as I get rid of tension from my toes to my ears, the dogs follow me.  I make that sound easy but in order to achieve it…I chant like a fool in my head until I can see a physical change in the dogs and even then I still need to convince myself (time and time again) it works. Maybe when I get to my fifties I can learn to make it work on humans 😉

I’ve tried to approach people with honesty. I’m constantly learning to be honest even if it’s not roses. I find it endlessly fascinating that people will trust me with their pets…but not their keys. They will hand over their precious “child” but won’t open their mind to my simple, honest (hard to hear) observations. They will go to all lengths to prove their “child” is the class valedictorian instead of opening their mind to learn new things about the world their pups experience. They shut out the opportunity to learn….kinda like me with big pieces of oily metal! Yuck!

I love the age old idea of team brainstorming. I’m no expert but I am passionate. I’ve made our pets, my life’s work. What I teach is simply a collection of my experience. I know that every dog is an individual and that we are truly a force to behold if we can change our outlook and learn together. We simply need to open our minds and be willing to change our opinions, even if those opinions define us.

I don’t understand people. I understand dogs. I will continue to learn and delight in the small bits of knowledge I get from the creatures around me without prejudice or pride closing my mind to the amazing possibilities that await me.

Oh….this crazy life!