I’m becoming more aware of how positive thoughts are a choice and how that choice creates calm and contentment. I know…I know….old school! I’m also learning to follow my train of thought so I can stop it when it veers out of control. Positive words/thoughts leading my emotions brings me to start quoting my favorites…Gandhi, Einstein, Budda!

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Budda

In the midst of my mid-life crisis (complete with blue/purple/teal hair streaks) I think I have figured out generally how to live in the moment, and to feel the peace it creates in myself and subsequently in the people and animals around me.

My thoughts then veer to the gaggle of animals at my feet quietly snoring in unison! They are not snoring because I feel positive, they are snoring because I ran the tuckus off them! But then that in itself is positive. Then my thoughts go back to Einstein….

“The question that sometimes drives me hazy; am I or the others crazy?” Einstein.

OK…out of control…

I can always reach out and find the solid strength I need in the tranqility of Danika’s warm belly rising and falling on my bare foot. The sound of Roo licking his foot over and over and over. Henry sighing like an old man who’s had a hard day of playing Bingo with the “Roosters” at Tastee Freeze. It’s easy to live in the moment when you concentrate on enjoying the quiet. I can celebrate each soul in the room by acknowledging who they are. I call them “people” but they are dogs and I love them for it. Their ability to instinctually live in the moment, adapt to human wants and needs, take control of who they are and stand proud without worry.

I will be truly at peace when I can live like they live.