After a 3 year standoff with Jason…I finally got him to Mexico! Turns out…I was right (insert childish gleeful voice!). The time away was something we both desperately needed. A refocus. A rest. A new beginning. A reset. A recharge.

Starting my own business has been one of the most courageous things I have ever done. Besides my children, also the most work I have ever done. In the midst of success I struggle to keep up and I am forced to “go back to basics” simply because I cannot do everything that needs to be done. In my effort to accommodate, my performance slides. “Back to basics” for me means I have to say “no”…not my strong suit!

I love how this business challenges me to find better ways. How can I accommodate everyone who needs me, keep current on paperwork, and stick to my strict standards while still having time to sleep at night. The pipe dream is not to just sleep, but also give myself to my family, enjoy my kindred friendships, recharge on horseback…or “gawd forbid”…have a coffee break!

My solution to my constant dilemma is technology! Yep….I said it! Technology! Not just the way of the future… is here. I fight against pubic opinion in my small town where people still live as self sufficient as they can, you never know when World War 3 will hit and we are survivors! (I say this with a raised eyebrow and a dramatic pause to see who will smirk at my sarcasm.) I also fight technology against Jason who believes with the inclusion of technical innovations I will lose the personal touch that goes hand in hand with my business. It’s a catch 22 without question, without clear answers, with much risk.

Travelling to Puerto Morelos was a reminder of the lengths at which technology has invaded our world. We now fill out our tourist card and customs form online…gone are the days of sitting on the airplane and gathering all the information needed to fill out these intricate forms…never mind finding a pen! We check-in for our flights digitally, download apps to watch movies on board, check flight status, and monitor our progress. Wifi is available in taxis, in airports, restaurants, in the airplane at cruising altitudes far beyond my imagination! Our boarding tickets are digitally displayed and presented from our phone. Our phones are now so readily available that with minimal cost I can surf the web on the beach instead of surfing the waves. We can watch live streaming video anywhere, at any time.

The world is digital. We have lost human contact. There is no fighting it, no avoiding it, no wishing it away! There is only time for embracing it, learning about it, implementing it and in doing so….create time for sleep, my family and being part of this human world that I am missing.

Monday morning…Jan.22, 2018…A new day.    A new way.     Anew.