The Moon today is in a Waxing Gibbous phase. This phase will last 7 days until the Full Moon. It seems like this information is only acquired (via the web;) when it suits personal life circumstances…i.e. when the world starts throwing tomatos at you…you check on the moon and blame it on the lunar calendar.

We are all so focused on blame. Who was right? Who was wrong? Are other people doing that? Why should I recycle? Who cares? Seriously….who cares? Do I honestly care about whose fault it is that we have no milk? NOPE! I care that we find the time, money and vehicle to go to the grocery and buy milk.

Now, maybe I’m just struggling with the full moon approaching…but we seem to get so swamped down with “Don’t blame me!”, “I didn’t do it”, “I’m right”…that we forget to figure out how to solve the problem.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff”. This was a little book that my Mom & Dad gave to me as a wedding present. I read the cover and first few pages, nodded my head and then very delicately displayed it in my dusty bookshelf like I had actually absorbed the information….HA! 7 years later I found myself in a “right fight” divorce.

My children lost terribly. I do believe that out of that situation I have learned important life lessons that I can pass on to them. “Don’t sweat the small stuff”! I honestly and truly do not care how or why I am in a particular situation…I need to focus on creating a plan, implementing it, and changing it should it not meet my expectations.

Blame, right vs wrong, what other people do, say or think…these are the “Past”. I cannot change the past. I can focus on what I can control. I can live in the “Present” moment assessing and planning a resolution. The “Future” will be implementing that plan.

Living in the past is “depression”. Living in the future is “anxiety”. Living in the present is “peace”!

Dogs live in the moment. They live peacefully. They have no thought of blame or who’s right….they simply live. The future will be thought about when it arrives. Simple. Peaceful. Like uncluttering your brain. Sooooo….lets all live like dogs! he he he!