WIN_20180301_12_10_46_ProI’ve closed the kennel for another short  break. Yep…I did! Seems like it’s one of those perks of running your own business…oh the leisure!!! Ha! Reality falls somewhere in between a tornado blowing diesel farm trucks into space and the red-eyed, blurry sighted, homeless disaster of a business owner (and that’s on a good day!). My ususal routine buried deep in the snow. Spring break is fast approaching and I intend to rest here so I can go full tilt for that particular occasion!

In my effort to win an Academy Award for procrastinating…I constructed a newsletter instead of completing my January invoices, to provide an explanation and provide a promise of results for my second holiday this year. This newsletter given to my daycare clients outlines my goals for the next week. One of my news years resolutions was to take the time to “go digital”, that and to talk about my Dad so my children can know who he was. It is time for Bakers Acres to transition into the digital era! Stop doing things by hand, the hard way, so when I’m on vacation I can actually take a break. This goal includes digital filing systems, digital invoicing, digital calendars with digital reminders, even a digital tracking system for my daily bus route.

I am still hoping to complete new advertising including commercial short clip videos and client access to my video training and grooming tips. We have a current live stream video in the kennel that I want to open up to my clients, but the daunting task of climbing the wall of confidentiality and costs have me stalled in quicksand! Our websites are sorely out of date and I need to continue the momentum in rejuvenating Bakers Acres online presence.

It’s also way past time that our business plan gets a quick glance and review that I am focusing my attentions where my attentions should be. With all the cooks in the kitchen, that isn’t as easy as it sounds. So…it’s time to try a digital survey and see what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong as well as determining the feasibility of new programs such as agility, professional house sitting, monthly newsletters for non-digital peps, homemade, local ingredient dog food and holistic medicine.

I’ve been trying for a distrubingly long time to recruit local students to train with me for help in grooming and provide uninterrupted service, but working in a kennel is not the expected “playing with dogs to pass the time” endeavor that new recruits are quick to recognise. To find the right person I am going viral and I hope to complete the advertising before I head home. The grooming season is about to kick into high gear and with no time left to train, we will need someone with experience.

Diane has been with the kennel since it started and is no stranger to hard work. She diligently takes care of all of us in her motherly way and keeps things orderly and clean. Dezeray is a detailed student who’s pleasant attitude has been consistent and dependable for several years. Cameron has agreed to re-join the kennel staff as our talented handy-man…the dogs follow his energy around the farm like a hungry baby bird while he works. We have an amazing group of hardworking, loving, imaginative and self motivated people surrounded by animals…who wouldn’t want to join us?