“Don’t give away the farm!” so says Georgia Nicols about Pisces today under a Libra moon. Fairly fitting for my mood as I am so excited I can hardly wrap it up with a pretty pink satin ribbon. I have finally taken the time to deliver on long awaited promises to my puppy parents. I found a way through the deafening technology buzz in my ears to create a shared album in my Google photos so I can teach them how to groom their perfect Cockapoo puppies!

I know all those techies around me are giggling hysterically…if I wasn’t looking at Google…where was I? I thought Google was simply a search engine! Ha! Ron has been trying to maintain a grasp on the single brain cell I have that can retain information with images of “inside” and “outside” the house to describe network vs. internet.

As usual my enthusiasm has taken control of my “good business” senses as I plan other albums for training and frankly anything I can  give my puppies to help them navigate in this absolute human world.

My new system of invoicing has also materialized from the techie guru Ron after he handed me a simple book called “The e-myth”, which I am still working my way through after almost a year of borrowing this quick read. The system depends wholly on having the structure of gmail behind a contact network of client emails. During this “data collection” transition I’m utilizing facebook messenger and pictures sent via text for those peps who refuse to be part of the digital revolution. Who can blame them?

Fascinating to me is that when I take the time to transition to Google, my photos from my phone appear immediately on my computers creating instant backups, simple sharing options both public and special invite only. My email events get automatically uploaded to my Google calendar which magically appears on my phone and sends audio reminders so I can’t possibly forget anything. Did you know…YouTube is an app from Google?? (back ground giggling turns into all out snickering and tummy spasms…”serves you right!”)

Today is a momentous day where Bakers Acres embraces Google as my new BFF, including new email addresses, new shared information and a whole new world! (All you LDSS graduates of 1993…try to say that without singing!!:)) Tomorrow I will try to navigate through Google calendar…again…sigh.

The sunshine inspires me, makes me happy and has me throwing candies to anyone who wants to catch them. I will try to not give away the farm!