The concept of “opposites attract” has intrigued us for generations. No matter what you believe in you can Google your idea and find scientific proof you are right. In terms of opposites, right is the opposite of wrong. We know that we must make a mistake the learn…does that mean we must be wrong to learn how to be right? No way!! Believing your right doesn’t make you right, it just make you who you are. Fighting someone to emotionally see that your right is simply a way of standing up for what you believe in, but if you are successful in your “right fight” quest, you will make the other person lose who they are. Isn’t that the definition of bullying? What would happen if we all just honored and truly celebrated our different opinions. Simply in the process of  learning and believing we are attracting good things into our lives that are worthy of celebration.

My first thought regarding the quote “opposites attract” makes me think of Jason….I know, obvious! I don’t consider us opposites…on the contrary I believe we are very similar. We think the same way, carry the same work ethic, the same outlook, the same love of animals and the outdoors…. He simply fills in my weaknesses.

The “working holiday” ideal is an extreme opposite. A holiday is the escape from work. But as any business owner knows, there is simply no escape. This was the choice we made when we jumped into the dark unknown cavern that swallowed us alive and refuses to allow a sliver of sunshine to land on our sandy dirt floor. In that dirt we construct an idea like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, only to wipe the sand level again and start over. The pieces of sand that turn to pebbles get worked over and over until they become full fledged rocks beaming with gold highlights.

I think one of those highlights may be the concept of a working holiday! I’ve been able to accomplish so much! My websites are updated, my invoices are almost caught up, my schedule is organised, future plans are concreted, new endevours are beginning…and I have my feet in the sand! As I look out through the palm fronds waving in the warm breeze to the white, soft sand that disappears into the sargassum seaweed littering the shoreline, I am proud to have touched base with all those people depending on me to guide them through their doggie challenges.

I feel accomplished, refocused, energized, and ready to go home.