Yesterday was another busy day of finding and celebrating that one quiet moment. Heidi was in the grooming room and as I try to explain in words the things I’ve learned simply by doing, I feel like a fumbling fool. The best thing about Heidi…she learns just like me! She can already see how the tiny changes in the angle of the blade changes the length of the hair, without words.

I had a moment after grooming, while Jason took the kids to bomb around the gravel pit on their dirt bikes, for a refocus on the details of the spring that is quickly passing me by. The cherry flowers are in perfect bloom and the honey bees in the apple trees are begging to be captured by my sophisticated Samsung camera phone.

It took a quiet mind and a moment of freedom to remember what’s real and important is “all in the details”. I collapsed after my photo frenzy that followed the buzzing of the bees laden with nectar, in a shock of pain…the kind that can only catch up on you when your attitude is in control. My “can do” attitude gave way to my “grumpy” attitude while I impatiently awaited bedtime and the promise of oblivion.

My Grumpy attitude got me out of bed in the morning, to rain. More rain! I tried to quiet my mind and channel my quiet moment from yesterday but “Grumpy” couldn’t see past the unfinished, empty garden beds and the fact that it is already June 3rd. In a physical Hulk Hogan effort my attitude ripped up the intention of my garden, again. “Maybe next year” has taken on a whole new meaning. As my intention flutters down around me like snow in a snow globe full of breath-taking water, I see the horses running though the field in their efforts to release pent-up energy. Sigh.

I refocus and spend my morning pounding on the keyboard while I watch Full Force Nature on Netflix. Jason doesn’t like my dark entertainment choices…he’d rather watch war movies or some sappy, happy ending love story. His dual personality choices clearly conflict with my Walking Dead, The Conjuring and Sleepy Hollow preferences. I love the zombies, headless demons and invisible apparitions! Full Force Nature at 8am on a Sunday morning puts the pain in my back, and my grumpy attitude into perspective. Reality is much easier to swallow while I’m watching a tornado or a decomposed, blue and bloated zombie being pulled out of a well, suddenly forgetting his bottom half in the drinking water of the last surviving members of earth.

I remind myself to be thankful for the “details”. The perfectly positioned fly on the delicately crinkled edge of a new daffodil. The blue sky perfectly framed in a circle of branches covered in knuckles and moss leading to white apple buds rimmed in pink and cupped in crisp new green leaves. The ultimate in dual personality, perfect and imperfect. Sun rays that peek out and around the clouds that direct a trail of ants up the cherry tree to help open the tightly curled leaves and expose the anther of the flowers. A broken stem bent and the damaged edges turning brown to protect the wound that lies close to the blade edge, wrapping around the spring flower like a sentry defending its queen.

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”    William Morris