My very first Newsletter came out last month and included a little blurb about the foundation of modern dog training, how daycare routines change with the weather, business planning and an overview of our services, mission and contact information.

I hope to continue discussing training foundations using this newsletter as a template. I want to illustrate the core concept of leadership as it webs out to communication, bonding, boundaries, and focus before we ever start basic obedience.

My newsletters will be a catalyst for things to come at Bakers Acres. A heads up for what’s coming down the pipes…like conclusions from business planning…ugh! 2020 will see a new way of invoicing and slight increases in pricing. Our January newsletter will outline some exciting new services including shared, real time grooming sessions.


My second Newsletter (Dec) is out today and includes kennel holidays for Winter and the coming Spring. My wonderful husband (yes, I’m kissing butt!) surprised me with a ticket to Mexico to see my Mom in February. The cold weather affects my mood and Jason knows that without something to look forward to, the winter for me is eternal. I have no illusions about how my mood affects Jason and that this ticket may just be a survival tactic for him.

The second training discussion focuses on communication and how we can use this concept to promote bonding, trust, leadership and stop behaviors before they become an issue.

I’ve included a short overview in the December newsletter of an upcoming grooming handout. As a groomer I find myself explaining the same things over and over. We are all torn between keeping a long coat for warmth during cold weather and keeping our pups comfortable. Matting is a real issue not only for comfort but for insulation, insects, dirt…things that can make a real difference to the overall health of your dog.


My newsletters are directed at my daycare clients but I believe there is some compelling information that we can all learn from and so I’ve decided to share with everyone. I hope you enjoy.